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the fix: a twilight fanfiction community

The Fix: A Twilight Fanfiction Community
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A Twilight-fandom community dedicated to Twilight-inspired fanfiction.
welcome to
the fix: a twilight fanfiction community

Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn. Midnight Sun.

And everything in between - and by that, we mean the PHENOMENAL musings of our fandom who provide unbelievable amounts of "fix" for Twilight fans everywhere with their stories. :)

Anything else? Ask. We love it all.

Please read the community rules before posting. Or becoming a member altogether, actually.

know them, love them

Please note: The community is under moderated posting. All posts will be approved by a mod before appearing.

1. First and foremost – no Twilight bashing. If you don’t like Twilight, WTF are you doing here anyway? Save it, the rest of us think it’s awesome anyway, so why bother?

Now that that’s out of the way…

2. Respect the opinions of others. Please do not bash other members likes/dislikes of a certain fic – we agree to disagree, but keep it nice or you won’t be playing in this sandbox for very long. This also goes for comments about authors, plot lines, etc…

3. Please TAG ALL POSTS. This is probably the most important – it helps keep things organized. And we’re anal retentive around here, so please deal.

4. Reduce your image sizes. Previews are okay, especially for fanmix covers, drawings and icons; however, please keep the larger images (anything over 500 px) and batches of more than 4+ icons under and lj-cut. DO NOT FORGET to tag them – they will be rejected otherwise!

5. When posting fanfics, you must use the following format…

Ratings and first chapter links are REQUIRED. Also, unless the image is under 500 px, refrain from including fic artwork unless it is under an lj-cut.

6. No fancy text or extra large fonts, please. All formats are preset for the community and they should stay that way. Bold/italics/underline should only be used as needed. Additionally, please refrain from abusing the CAPS lock key – there’s no need to yell. Thanks :)

7. The Lo-Down on Tagging
- For Authors: When posting a new fic/update, please tag your post with fanfiction: new story or fanfiction: updated story. If the story itself has a tag within the community, please place that in as well.
- For Readers: When discussing and squeeing - tag. It’s not that hard. If you are recommending fics, please make sure to tag it with fanfiction: recs.
- For Artwork/Playlist makers: When posting your fanart, please tag it with the appropriate fan art tag and, if the story has a tag of its own, include it there too.

8. The Lo-Down on Story Discussions
- RULE #1 of STORY DISCUSSIONS: You must post ALL spoilers under an lj-cut to avoid ruining any updates for fans who haven’t read the latest and greatest. It’s not cool to ruin someone else’s fun because you won’t bother to lj-cut the thing. If spoilers are not under a cut, it will not be approved.
- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are planning on starting a story discussion on a recently updated fic chapter, check if a fellow member has already done so.
- For those fics that manage to acquire a large following (and therefore, a large amount of posts), the the moderators will create a tag for them. This way, all posts related to this one fic are easy to identify – please MAKE SURE TO TAG your post if the story does have a tag. We’ll get on your case if you don’t, and if it becomes a problem, we will have issues with you :)

9. Community mods have the right to refuse any post if rules are not followed or if the post is deemed rude or unnecessary. Please contact us if you have any questions related to deleted posts and we’ll be glad to answer them.

Now, go enjoy! :)