smellyia (smellyia) wrote in twilightfanfix,

The Otherside by smellyia

Author: smellyia
Characters: Alice
Category: Post BD, Canon Pairings
Rating: R/Mature
Disclaimer: All characters and histories are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer. No copy infringement intended. 
Summary: Five years after the Volturi seemingly leave the Cullen's in peace, Alice's visions begin to fade and her reality takes on a shaky existence. Unsure of what is in her mind and what is actually happening, Alice becomes lost in herself until one day everything changes.
After what she thinks is years in a constant state of flux, Alice awakens into another life where vampires are hunted and civil war between the Volturi, rebels and a ghost faction is ripping apart the supernatural world they live, including her own family. Lost and confused, she is rescued by her family from the one person she thought she could always count on only to find out she had been presumed dead for the past five years.
Lies within lies layer the intentions of many and sides must be chosen as the war escalates and a new invisible threat rises from betrayal.
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