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Fic: R - Jane/Aro - Part of Humanity - Chapter 1

Fandom: Twilight Series
Rating: R ( M )
Warning: Explicit content, do not read when under 18. Also some character’s death and mentioning of abuse. But I suppose that’s why it’s angst and rated mature xD
Pairing: Aro / Jane
Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort/ Romance

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Well, I do own blood. I believe it attracts vampires? =)

Summary: When Jane gets infected by the Human Disease (a virus that has spread and for which many vampires have been killed already) she decides to elope. But the virus brings more trouble than coping with humanity as hidden secrets surface and friends become hunted.


Au: This is my first try for twilight fanfiction. Why I chose the pairing I did? Because there’s too little written about them. That must also be the reason I started to write this fic. Figures, doesn’t it? xD

Read it here, on LJ :   or
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